The Creation

When talking about the story of creation, there is one accepted and dominant theory that appears in the Torah (part of the Bible) and is dominant across humanity.  Since the 'Age of Reason' two more theories were added: "The Big Bang" and Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species."

We will concentrate on the biblical story, which is the dominant one. It combines thought, logic and allegory. Whoever wrote the Torah is the one who wrote the story of creation. If we try to find hints of the story of the creation at the two ancient sources of Egypt and Babylon, there are none.

We will find that the creation stories of the ancient world of those cultures are built from wars of mighty world elements lust for war, rule and bondage of others and of man himself. In the Torah story there is nothing of all  this violent.

The Torah portrays God as merciful and nerdy and as if all creation was not created except to create man as his photographer and image which means  of course having the ability of thought,  decision making, and the ability of creating. It is recommended to read the articles by Dr. Israel Eldad and Dr. Shmuel Abramsky in Google on this topic.

God created the world from the chaos He revealed to us the times of work and rest He created man from a solid substance. He created Eve from a delicate organic matter from man's rib. This has significance about their biological role they may carry.

God placed Adam and Eve in paradise and he gave them power and control over all other beings.  In addition, God told them that paradise has everything in it , but there are two fertilizers that they must not eat. These are the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. In spite of all the above, God sends, of all animals, the serpent that has no a straight  line liberally as well as metaphorically , to accompany Adam  and to  challenge him.  The snake does succeed in temptation and Adam and Eve eat from the forbidden fruit tree. God got angry and Adam and Eve are expelled from paradise. The reason for the divorcing is only to run because God did not create Adam and  Eve  in order to be serve as pets, neither even as two idiots walking around in  paradise  in nothingness. And so the need and purpose of fulfilling the potential of the thinking and creative person is not in paradise. This whole wonderful story of  the creation is indicative of Moses' genius and the divine inspiration in him.


Abram-Abraham – the first father of the Jewish nation. Everything  we know about Genesis  stories, we know from the Torah which it says that it has been given  from  God  to Moses at Sinai. All those who believe that the Torah has been given straight from heaven, in this case, there is no appeal, whatever the tone, for whatever is in it, whether it is logical or not. Whether that's true or not. Today's person cannot ignore the intellect and the wisdom that the Creator or Nature has granted  to man during his progress and development along all the years. Logic requires that the Torah was written by a mortal being  and of course divinely inspired. After all, it's Moses. The fathers' stories passed by words of mouth to ear  for several generations until they reached the time of Moses. Moses absorbs all the stories during his visits to his brothers and he wrote them down. That was before the Egyptian killing and escape event. Moses was raised and educated in Pharaoh's house for 40 years as the way of the  Egyptians  wisers and  magicians  and of course he knew their way of writing, that is the hieroglyphics. Many  Bible scholars have doubted Genesis stories because of the time distance of about 4000 years, and also at the truths of the stories which  is  difficult to trust. However, at the beginning of the last century, a large  library of tens of thousands of potsherds written in pegs were discovered in the palace and  the ruins of the city of Marie which is on the Perth River. According to the findings, we discover evidence that corresponds to data in the Bible: of names, of life and way of life, of a way of signing a contract similar to the "alliance between the sites," as well as the  kind of prophecy events similar to those of Israel who came later. From the Bible we know that Abram's family is a descendant of Noah and a tenth generation. Abram's family was located on the outskirts of the city of Ur-Chasidim  because of its great cattle.  Ur-Chasidim  was then a capital of  a major state and cultural center near the estuary of the river Perth. Be it a temple to God Sin which is the moon.

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